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Unit 4 Regency works

1A Shakleton Road, Earlsdon

Coventry, CV5 6HT


Tel: 07830144170

For any enquiries or purchases please feel free to contact us with the contact form below. 


garden lodge

What will you do with your pod?

The Garden lodge was designed as an

entry-level pod but with no compromise on strength and durability. 

A basic but stylish insulated pod with a wooden stable door and double-glazed window. The cladding is pressure treated softwood shiplap pine. In a variety of sizes, the smallest is still big enough for a double bunk.   

Optional extras are a green roof (sedum or wildflower/sedum mix), and a solar battery system for energy independence. 

Highly insulated pods, to minimise the need for heating, allows them to be used all year round with lots of natural light. 

Durable timber from sustainable sources is used for the external cladding, treated to give a life of at least 15 years with little to no maintenance to protect against decay.

The optional Green roof virtually eliminates the need for drainage, it attracts wildlife, helps with insulation and to blend into the environment. 

The Features

For an off grid solution an optional solar panel provides AC power for lighting, Infared heating and a socket. 

Sizes start at 2.4M by 2.4M internally, and are available in larger sizes, Including an

en-suite version. 

  1. Double glazed full height window or door.

  2. Solar Panel on larch.

  3. Boots or Bags cupboard.

  4. Battery or Solar controller cupboard.

  5. Sedum roof.

  1. Thermowood cladding.

  2. Double glazed full height window or door.

  3. Solar Panel.

  4. Boots or Bags cupboard.

  5. Galvanised steel gutter.

  6. Sedum roof.

  7. Cedar facia. 

Prices range from