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Unit 4 Regency works

1A Shakleton Road, Earlsdon

Coventry, CV5 6HT


Tel: 07830144170

For any enquiries or purchases please feel free to contact us with the contact form below. 


Garden Rooms

We can provide you with extra space to improve your standard of living.  Not only that we aim to produce a structure that has a minimal impact on the environment, looks great and will reflect your individual needs. 

We only make bespoke rooms because each client has their own needs.  Just like an extension to your home requires individual design, so our rooms are made to fit into their location.

This means that you only pay for the features that you want.  We will give you the choice of finishes inside and out and the size and position of doors and windows.

For example, if you require an artist's studio you may want light coming in from the north side only; however, if you want to benefit from passive solar gain you will have glazing on the south side.

Once you make contact with us we will discuss your needs.  Ideally we will arrange a site visit and come up with a no-obligation, costed draft proposal. 


If you wish to continue we will then do a detailed design and quotation.  You will be able to make changes throughout the process in order to realize your ideal garden room.

Once we have agreed on a design, we can get down to the construction. 

We use two construction methods: SIPs (structurally insulated panels) or timber frame, depending on the design.

SIPs are a very energy efficient form of construction and combine insulation with a structural element, so the basic shell can be assembled very quickly.  We make the SIPs in our workshop and they are then transported to site.  The structure can then have services installed and be clad internally and externally.

Our timber frame buildings are designed to reference the past but make use of modern construction methods.  The timber frame provides the structural strength while infill panels contribute energy efficiency and a variety of material finishes

We usually install on ground screws to minimise the use of concrete and again this allows for a speedier construction.


We believe we offer the most environmentally friendly pods on the market today.  Sustainability is built into the core of the pods and this is not only to satisfy your exacting requirements but will also be attractive to your customers.


Our pods can be sited almost anywhere.  Not only are they energy self-sufficient, but they are flat-packed so are easier to transport to otherwise inaccessible areas.


Bespoke design.  We are flexible if you have particular needs for your pod;

self sufficient

We specialise in energy self-sufficiency by using a solar PV/battery system.  The green roof and high insulation values will make your pods highly attractive to your customers and should allow you to charge premium rates.


Nothing lasts forever, but through careful design and the use of durable materials your pod should last for years with minimal maintenance.  The pods are constructed to building regulations so should withstand the severest of weathers.


The solar system is installed to MCS standards and we offer a yearly check to ensure it is working properly.


We will manufacture as much as possible offsite to minimise installation times. 


Because sites are often off the beaten track by their very nature, it is difficult to drop a completed pod off a trailer onto a concrete base.  So our pods are constructed in panels that are slotted together, placed on ground screws and finished onsite. 


This means the basic structure is weather tight in as little as a day and the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

bespoke design

Our designs are modular, so if you require the pod to sleep more people, or have an ensuite, we should be able to meet your particular needs.